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Museum of African American Art

For more than four decades, the nonprofit Museum of African American Art (MAAA) in Los Angeles has been educating visitors of all ages and identities about the arts through the lens of African American culture.

Exhibitions and events at MAAA reflect the belief that museums are for everyone and represent a continuation of the museum's founding principle that art can and should be part of our everyday lives.

Since its founding in 1976 by Dr. Samella Lewis, the museum has been creating opportunities for local artists and their work to inspire new thinking about issues that intersect with the shared experiences of people across the African diaspora and beyond.

The Palmer C. Hayden Collection at MAAA is a central part of the museum's permanent collection, giving insight into the life and work of one of the leading artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

MAAA welcomes all visitors with free admission, serves as a community gathering space, and brings cultural art experiences to students, families, and lifelong learners.